Chinese Tea

We offer individual teas – carefully selected Chinese teas, the perfect palate cleanser for Sichuan cuisine, to enhance your dining experience.

Green Tea


Jade Tips – Green Tea

Grows high in the cool, misty mountain air of Zhejiang Province. It has a clean, refreshing vegetal taste and a long lasting, pleasingly sweet aftertaste. This is a superb everyday, easy-drinking green tea.


Hou Kui (From Taiping Village) -Green Tea

Taiping Houkui is a kind of green tea,which is grown at the foot of Huang Mountain in the former Taiping County, Anhui Province. The combination of the high altitude; strong sunlight and foggy conditions allows amino acids to be developed in the tea leaf which gives the tea a mellow and sweet taste with some subtle floral tones. It has huge, flat, bright green uniform leaves that are highly aromatic.


Ming Qian Dragon Well 

2017 New Flush

Dragon Well, is one of most famous teas and best known Chinese Green Tea in the world. It was grown originally in the Longjing mountain area of Hangzhou. It is produced by hand and renowned for its high quality. Our Dragon Well is directly from the most famous tea farm and picked before the Qing Ming Festival, which called as Ming Qian Dragon Well. Because of its limited output, it is the most precious kind among all. When infused, it has a smooth, sweet and brisk taste and no hint of bitterness. Aftertaste of this tea is pleasant lingering.


Oolong Tea


Dong Ding Oolong

Grown high in the cool, misty mountain air of Zhejiang Province. It has a clean, refreshing taste and a long lasting, pleasingly sweet aftertaste. This is a superb everyday, easy-drinking green tea.


Peach Oolong

This Oolong is based on a famous kind of Oolong-Bao Zhong Oolong, which is originates in the Fujian Province. This tea has a Bai Tao (Chinese white peach) aroma with pink rose petals.


Tie Guan Yin

The most famous of Oolong teas, Tie Guan Yin hails from the Southern Fujian Province of China. It is a slightly fermented tea, offering a wonderfully thick and creamy texture which imparts a unique, nectar-sweet taste that is long lasting on the tongue, this is a rich and complex, yet deeply satisfying tea which is enhanced by infusing many times over.


Black Tea


Yunnan Gold

Yunnan Gold black tea is easily identified by its abundance of soft golden tips, and savoury cocoa and black pepper flavours. This tea carefully harvested in the famously mountainous region of Yunnan Province, which is the birthplace of tea itself. It is a very forgiving tea and will not taste bitter when over-steeped. Our Yunnan Gold black tea is the best grade, made from whole, un-chopped leaves that will ensure the cup it yields has no bitter flavor. It is milk chocolate creamy and sweet, with pleasant pepper notes.


Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong was the first black tea made in the world and is known as one of the best in China. This Lapsang Souchong is from Tong Mu village, made by the famous Liang Junde, the inventor of Jin Jun Mei, one of China’s most expensive black teas. It has smoky notes, these famous notes are achieved by smoking the leaves over pine wood fires.


Pu’er Tea


Cooked Pu’er

Loss-leaf five years

From Yunnan Province in Southeast China, it has undergone a cooking process and has been aged for five years. When it is infused it produces an earthy mushroom flavour.


Cooked Pu’er

Ten Years

Compared to the loss-leaf Pu’er, cake shaped Pu’er tea is more modest and richer.  As it ages, the flavour becomes softer, smoother, deeper and sweeter with every year. Pressed from cooked Pu’er tea harvested in 2007 and fermented for 48 days, this tea has already mellowed slightly with age and is smooth to the taste with all the sweet, earthy notes you would expect from a high quality cooked Pu’er.


Raw Pu’er

Ten years

Made from autumn raw material from Menghai county of Xishuangbanna, an area well known for its distinctive and outstanding Pu’er, this cake shaped Raw Pu’er tea has the classic flavours of good raw Pu’er: bright and mildly astringent with a nice lively mouthfeel.


White Tea


White Peony

White Peony is a Chinese white tea grown in Fujian Province. Like Silver Needle, the tea water is light yellow with a delicate flavour. White Peony is made using sets of a bud and two young leaves, resulting in a fuller flavour.


Sliver Needle

Silver Needle is widely considered one of China’s finest white teas, as only the top of the buds are used to produce the tea. Our Silver Needle is grown in Fuding, where it is harvested for only a few days each spring. It is famous for its fresh, delicate flavour. The pale yellow liquor has a fresh, fragrant aroma and an elegant, mellow flavour reminiscent of lilac.


Yellow Tea


Huo Shan Huang Ya

Huo Shan Huang Ya is a rare Yellow tea produced in the Huoshan area of the Anhui province. It smells refreshing, floral and bright with a subtle chestnut fragrance. Once steeped, the tea liquor is yellowish green; it tastes mellow and thick.


Flower Tea


King Chrysanthemum Tea 

This King chrysanthemum tea comes from Wuyuan county, Jiangxi Province, famous for its king size chrysanthumum, which makes the best flower tea in China. One flower makes one cup. Organic and caffeine free.


Throw away your tea bags, enjoy authentic loose tea by an ancient way.