hot dishes

Sichuan is known to have poor weather with high humidity and lots of rainy days, which is why red pepper is used in so many dishes. Red pepper helps reduce internal dampness, and so it paved the way for hot dishes to be a common thing in Szechuan cuisine. The humid climate also drives many to implement a variety of food preservation techniques including pickling, salting, drying, and smoking food.

Gung Bao Chicken

Diced chicken thigh with chayote and spring onion, stir-fried with sun-fried chilli and peanuts, “Lychee Fragrant”.


Yu Shiang Pork

Finely sliced pork, flash-fried with wood ear mushrooms, red pepper and bamboo shoots.


Yu Shiang Aubergine

Fingers of aubergine, with a hint of sweetness. Yu Shiang method.


La Yuan Steamed Fish*

Fillet of seabass steamed in a fragrant stock, seasoned with Sichuan pepper.


Shui Ju Fish

Long Lee fish, boiled in a rich stock, with a myriad of Sichuan spices. “Ma-la” numbing finish.


Shuei Ju Beef

Thinly sliced beef seared in the wok, boiled in Shuei Ju soup. Packed with the heat of Sichuan chilli and peppercorns.


Stir-fried Plaice*

Sliced plaice, tossed with a blend of seafood seasonings. Served in its shell.


Hung Shiao Pork Belly

Slow cooked with Sichuan peppercorns and star anise. Rich and aromatic.


Shir Jin Vegetables

Selection of seasonal vegetables, cooked in a blend of Chinese dressings. 


Beef with Shia Mushroom

Sliced beef fried with earthy “Shia” mushrooms. Strong and savoury.


Long Lee Fish Soup

Tender slices of Long Lee fish served in a fragrant soup with Sichuan pickled greens. A fresh, spicy hit.


Mapo Tofu

Cubes of silken tofu boiled in a rich beef stock with pungent Sichuan pepper. A Sichuan classic.


Snowy Ribs

Short lean ribs, cooked in cane sugar and vintage vinegar, brown glazed and savoury.


Braised Duck Legs

Two duck legs, slow cooked with Chinese mountain spice, rich and aromatic.


Dry Fried Chilli Squid

Squid fried with red peppers, sun dried chilli, Sichuan peppercorn, salty, peppery and spicy coating.


*dishes with star mark should be ordered in advance*


North East China Rice, Steamed (V)


Vegetable Fried Rice (V)


Seafood Fried Rice


La Yuan Cold Noodle Bowl (V)

Fresh noodles served cold, tossed with the sesame  dressing, topped with spring onion, corriander and crush peanuts.


Steamed King Scallops with Garlic and Rice Noodles

£4.00 each

Sichuan Steamed Oysters

Steamed live oysters, marinated in fresh and pickled chilli, with herbs.

£3.50 each

Beef Noodle Soup

Noodles in slow cooked beef bone stock with Chinese mountain spice, topped with diced beef and green leaves, served with homemade chilli dip.


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