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Real flavours of Sichuan

Sichuan | Newcastle


Sichuanese cookery is its mastery of the arts of flavour. Sichuanese chefs delight in combining a variety of basic tastes to create dazzling fu he wei (complex flavours).

Food is such an important part of the Chinese culture. Our chef is passionate about changing the British perspective of Chinese cuisine.

Techniques & flavour combinations not often found in the UK

Our modern menu embodies everything important in Chinese cuisine: colour, flavour, fragrance and form (se xiang wei xing). Join us to experience.

fine flavours / elegance / quality without fuss  / modern menu

Chinese Tea Ceremony

The tea offering is another missing in the Northeast. Tea can be served after meal or as tea ceremony in the afternoon as an alternative to British afternoon tea. Although tea is very popular in Britain, the variety is a very limited. China, as the country where tea originated, has a huge selection and the best quality of tea. Tea ceremonies are the best way to bring out the quality of tea, and as such are popular and widespread throughout China. Our aim is to bring this culture and fancy way to British people, throw away the teabags, enjoy the  authentic tea by an ancient Chinese way.

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